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The Marlborough Brandt Group MBG was set up in 1981 by a committed group of people living in and around Marlborough, Wiltshire, UK, who responded to the publication of the Brandt Report ‘North ...

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Support us now as a friend Joining MBG as a friend couldn't be easier. Use the drop down to select which level of payment you would like to make, then click on the 'Become a Friend' button, which ...

Experience the REAL Gambia

WGEC runs an annual teachers' study visits to Gunjur, The Gambia and literally hundreds of teachers from Wiltshire and beyond have benefitted personally and professionally from the experience of ...


Vision: To support TARUD to alleviate poverty and hardship faced by the community of Gunjur In 1990 MBG started several development projects in Gunjur and the surrounding area based around health ...

Setting up School Links

Linking schools in Wiltshire (and beyond) with schools in the Gambia is at the heart of what we do at WGEC. For any school that has been involved at any level with school linking, whether with a ...

Small Business Development

In common with many international development agencies the focus of MBG and TARUD's work in Gunjur has focussed on women's development. We have been involved in a women's literacy and numeracy ...

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Classroom workshops

WGEC offer schools a variety of class workshops, staff training and INSETs, delivered by Caroline Harmer. Our popular workshops are listed below but we can also tailor training to suit your needs. To book a workshop or for more information on alternative training please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

WGEC members are entitlted to one free INSET/Workshop per year.

Life in the Gambia

gambian-boys-farming-with-donkeyWe share our experience of the Marlborough Brandt Group's unique community link with Gunjur in the Gambia with your children. Your pupils will love finding out about what it is like to grow up in the Gambia by identifying with Gambian children, finding commonality with their lives but learning about the challenge of difference.

This workshop will be supported by our Gambian resources - kitchen equipment, musical instruments etc. Teachers might be interested in links with our annual teachers' study visit to the Gambia in February half-term.

Rethink, Reduce, Reuse, Repair, Recycle!

A workshop that encourages children to look at the amount of rubbish we produce, its impact on the environment locally and globally and ways of reducing waste. It also looks at how developing countries reduce, reuse and recycle their waste.


Key stage 2 or 3. Divide your class into 2 tribes, let them have some fun dressing up and then get down to the real business of what happens when you put them together! Will they be able to understand each other's customs or will they struggle to communicate with each other? There is a thorny issue of water rights to be sorted out but do they have the language to negotiate with each other?

This workshop has proved very popular with schools – it's fun, educational and very challenging. It supports oral fluency, creative and critical thinking and global citizenship.

Children's Rights and Responsibilities Around the World

childrens-rightsThis workshop encourages pupils to consider the roles, rights and responsibilities of children around the world. What do children need to feel happy, healthy and safe? The workshop will look at the work of UNICEF and UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Fair Trade

This workshop looks at the issues of fair trade and the benefits it brings. Children will consider how trade is linked to many aspects of our everyday lives, such as the food we eat, the clothes we wear and the sport we do. Schools can choose the focus.

Global Citizenship through a country study

This workshop introduces childrento global citizenship through the study of another country. Photographs, artefacts and case studies will be used to investigate the everyday lives of thers. Choose from the following countries:

  • The Gambia
  • India

Identity and Diversity

This workshop invites children to reflect on what makes us unique and what makes us similar and different to other people. It will help children to challenge stereotypes and understand the nature of racism. Schools can request a refugee focus.

Climate Change

  • pre-school-gardenIs climate change really a problem?
  • If the climate is really changing, who will be affected?
  • What are possible problems and solutions?

A workshop that encourages children to look at the connection between people and the planet. Pupils will explore the effect climate change has on the environment and will debate the advantages and disadvantages of different types of energy. 


This workshop looks at some of the key health issues for people in developing countries. It considers how people's wellbeing is affected by such things as poor access to clean water, medical care and education. Secondary schools can opt for and HIV/AIDS focus.

Global Action Groups

spotlight-Global-learning-competition-2013What can young people do to become involved in global issues? This workshop will inform pupils and encourage them to take action and could be an opportunity to develop the role of the school council.

If your school is running an ASDAN/COPE programme, our interactive workshops will provide the challenges students need to meet to achieve accreditation.

Goals for a Fairer World

As we approach 2015 this workshop encourages pupils to be active global citizens by exploring the Millennium Development Goals. It will help them understand some of the big local and global issues in the world and encourage them to think about what they can do to help make the world a safer, healthier and fairer place.

Workshop prices

  • All Day (3x Workshops) £250 plus travel expenses
  • Morning £125 plus travel expenses
  • Afternoon £125 plus travel expenses
  • Assembly £30
  • Maximum of 30 children

To book a workshop or for more information please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.