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The Marlborough Brandt Group MBG was set up in 1981 by a committed group of people living in and around Marlborough, Wiltshire, UK, who responded to the publication of the Brandt Report ‘North ...

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Support us now as a friend Joining MBG as a friend couldn't be easier. Use the drop down to select which level of payment you would like to make, then click on the 'Become a Friend' button, which ...

Experience the REAL Gambia

WGEC runs an annual teachers' study visits to Gunjur, The Gambia and literally hundreds of teachers from Wiltshire and beyond have benefitted personally and professionally from the experience of ...


Vision: To support TARUD to alleviate poverty and hardship faced by the community of Gunjur In 1990 MBG started several development projects in Gunjur and the surrounding area based around health ...

Setting up School Links

Linking schools in Wiltshire (and beyond) with schools in the Gambia is at the heart of what we do at WGEC. For any school that has been involved at any level with school linking, whether with a ...

Small Business Development

In common with many international development agencies the focus of MBG and TARUD's work in Gunjur has focussed on women's development. We have been involved in a women's literacy and numeracy ...

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Become a friend to MBG and help support our projects like our business entrepreneur loan & grant scheme in Gunjur. Join as a friend for £10 / £15 or £20 a year and we will keep you up to date with our regular newsletter, where you will see how by giving a helping hand you can dramatically change the direction of somebody's life. What your money can do:

Join at £10 a year and fund a tailors' workshop

£10 a year will fund a tailors' workshop where ideas are shared and valuable business skills are taught.

Join at £15 a year and transform recycled plastic into fashionable handbags

recycling bagscrocheting bags




 Plastic rubbish is a common sight in Gunjur but some enterprising locals are collecting, washing and preparing the discarded plastic bags; so that it can be compressed into plastic bricks and/or turned into a durable thread which in turn can be crocheted into bags, hats, sandals, belts and sold in the local markets.

Your annual donation of £15 a year will buy a plastic recycling kit; giving somebody the opportunity to set themselves up in business, and helping to keep the streets of Gunjur rubbish free!

Join at £20 a year and buy a sewing machine

sewing machine sanitary towelsThere is a major problem in the Gambia of young girls dropping out of school when they start their period, as they don't have the means to deal with menstrual bleeding.

Reusable sanitary towels can be simply made on a sewing machine, and, after washing in soap and salt can be re-used and will last for up to five years.

With your help we can keep girls in school by supplying the necessary materials, and fund a public awareness campaign amongst teenage girls.


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Joining MBG as a friend couldn't be easier. Use the drop down to select which level of payment you would like to make, then click on the 'Become a Friend' button, which will take you to our automated paypal page.

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Remember to Gift Aid your donation. If you are a UK tax payer you can Gift Aid your donations, making them worth 25% more to us, at no extra cost to you! We can claim back the tax you have paid on your donation (25p for every £1 you donate) through Gift Aid.

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