Partner Organisations


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In the Gambia, MBG's principle development partner is the NGO TARUD (Trust Agency for Rural Development). Thanks to a grant from the National Lottery in 1997 TARUD was formed and oversees the integrated development programme in Gunjur with responsibility for pre-school education, water and sanitation, women's livelihoods, health education, microcredit etc. MBG supports TARUD through core funding and raising funds for its different projects and by providing advice and support.  TARUD delivers a micro-finance programme in Gunjur overseen by United Purpose and part funded by MBG. 

TARUD is recognised as one of the leading indigenous NGOs in The Gambia.

Contact Baai Jaabang - Director: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Gunjur Community Link 

The new Gunjur Community Link (GCL) came into operation in the summer of 2013 through a democratic process in the community, taking over from the old Gunjur Link Commttee which had been responsible for the link exchange programme for the previous 30 years. The executive committee of the GCL is made up of seven highly effective professional people, women and men amongst whom there is representation by minority tribal groups. 

Forbes Trust

In 1995 we introduced Lord Bhatia, Director of the Forbes Trust to Gunjur and he generously supported the development of early childhood education and the Forbes Trust loan scheme in Gunjur which gave microcredit to small enterprises not least women entrepreneurs.

Jole Rider

Since then we have introduced the Directors of Jole Rider to Gunjur as a result of which they have imported some 10,000 bicycles into the Gambia to enable children to get to school more easily.

Disability Africa

In 2011 we invited Ric Law the Director of Disability Africa to Gunjur where he has now set up with TARUD the very successful Gunjur Inclusion Project which is identifying and exposing disabled young people in the community in many cases for the first time as there are often prevailing attitudes towards disability including witchcraft and devilry. A volunteer-run play scheme for disabled young people is bringing these children to play and giving them access to educational and health services.

Kombo Sillah Association

The Kombo Sillah Association KSA is a Gambian diaspora organisation in UK based in Bristol with whom MBG has a close relationship. KSA's prime purpose is to support Gambians in UK who are experiencing difficulties but they also support development at home in The Gambia, such as supporting a summer school extra tuition programme for students and supplying resources, for example, hospital beds for the clinic in Gunjur.

We are currently exploring with KSA the potential for them to provide educational visits for students from St John's and Marlborough College to learn about the diversity of Bristol and some of the problems that face refugees and asylum seekers.

United Purpose

Formally Concern Universal, United Purpose (UP) is a large international development charity and runs the Business Development programme in Gunjur through TARUD.  After three years of running the programme MBG handed over delivery to UP but continue to provide part funding alongside the main donor, St. James's Place.

The Gunjur Project Association and Lodge

Established in 2006, The Gunjur Project Association is a UK charity operating full time in Gunjur.  They support a range of ground level, local sustainable programmes in education, health and the environment.  They specifically support MBG with education grants and provide accommodation and support to volunteers in country.


In addition the work of MBG has been the inspiration behind BUILD a coalition of international agencies committed to the development of community based partnerships between communities in UK and the Global South.


In 2002 MBG, in collaboration with local Gambians set up GOWLA (Gambian One World Linking Association) which is the umbrella organisation for school and community partnerships with counterparts in Europe particularly the UK.


In 1985 MBG was one of the founder organisations involved in the creation of UKOWLA (UK One World Linking Organisation) an umbrella organisation for communities (towns, schools, faith groups, health care institutions) that have partners in the Global South.