Interested in going to the Gambia for your DofE Volunteering Section?


MBG offers three month plus volunteer placements to work in Gunjur, the Gambia. You may work as teaching assistants in the Upper Basic School, as medical assistants in the health centre or as supporters to TARUD and its development programme. The work you do largely depends on the skills you have to offer and the ability of the school, health centre or project to accommodate those skills. Combined with fundraising for MBG before and reporting/publicity when you get back will make up a whole DofE Gold section.

Download 2014 Gambia Trip Summary

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MBG's work commended by Lord Judd in a debate in the House of Lords on 'Soft Power and Conflict Resolution'

Lord-Judd-of-PortseaThe debate was introduced by Rt Reverend Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury on 5 December 2014.

In the course of his contribution to the debate in the House of Lords, Lord Judd states:

".....On a more local level, I happen to be a patron of the Marlborough Brandt Group, set up at the time of the Brandt Report, which has kept going extremely well. The point about the Marlborough Brandt Group is that over 30 years it has brought people from The Gambia in West Africa to work there on Marlborough's social problems... And young people from Marlborough have been going to work in The Gambia.

That programme has recently had to stop because they simply cannot cope with the difficulties of getting visas for Gambians to come to this country. It is at moments like these that we have to ask ourselves, what on earth are we doing cutting off our noses to spite our faces. If anything is an illustration of practical cooperation this is it..."

Grants awarded for Business Scheme

We are pleased to announce we have just been awarded grants totalling £8,000 for the business programme in Gunjur. Tribal, an international provider of educational resources has given a grant of £3000. We have also received two grants of £2,500 from St James' Place. Of which £2,500 is to be spent on supporting entrepreneurs in Gunjur and £2,500 to enable the 8 students who are attending Gambian Technical Training Institute GTTI to continue their studies for a further two years.