Lloyds 2013 Report


by Alex Davies

After 14 months of planning, the third Lloyds Bank trip to Gunjur has just been completed. Twenty seven young people travelled out in three groups to spend a week each in Gunjur. Together they completed a three week long project to build a 200m long fence along one side of the TARUD Fayunku Community Vegetable Garden.

A new fence was needed to keep cattle, sheep and goats out of the garden which were getting in along the exposed path side.

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The Impact of a trip to the Gambia

by Phoebe Studdert-Kennedy

The prospect of visiting Africa had always been a highly appealing idea, so when the opportunity to go and stay with a family in The Gambia came around, I jumped at it. Our group of eight made of six St Johns IB students including myself and two university students as leaders, went to Gunjur during this last Easter holidays and lived with separate families around the village for two weeks.

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The Imam of Marlborough? by Henry Pearson

On my second visit to Gunjur in 1995, I attended a meeting at which the Chair began by welcoming me as the Team Rector of Marlborough. As she attempted to explain who I was and what I did, someone interrupted her and said "Henry is the Imam of Marlborough". There was much laughter and the title stuck. 95 % of the people of The Gambia are Muslims and even though Gambia is a secular state all community meetings begin with Islamic prayers.

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