Commonwealth Clubs

Commonwealth Clubs

Since September, WGEC have been involved in an exciting new project funded by the Community Covenant to run after school Commonwealth Clubs in schools around Tidworth on the Salisbury plain. Currently, Bulford St Leonards, Wellington Primary and Clarendon Junior Schools have been following the programme with Kiwi school ready to start in September 2016. There is also scope for at least one other school to take part in January 2017.

The project was originally conceived way back in 2012 when at WGEC, we felt it important to try and capture some of that spirit that had flooded the country during the London Olympics and carry it forward. Such is the nature of the work that we do that it eventually took over 3 years to get the funding in place. We are delighted that the 3 schools we are working with have embraced the values with such enthusiasm and we and the children are really enjoying the work.

It wasn’t until we started preparing for the project that we realised that Commonwealth values are so closely linked with our own – democracy, human rights, protecting the environment, freedom of speech and so on. This has given us great scope to devise activities that are individual to each school. So as well as doing some ‘core sessions’ around the Commonwealth and what it means in the 21st century, its value and importance – did you know, for example, that over 2 billion people in the world live in Commonwealth countries? We have been able to branch out into activities such as building a tippy tappy water system, making a makeshift shelter and struggling with a very complex model of the Taj Mahal!

Two schools have had a wonderful visit to the Gurkha Museum in Winchester – part of our brief has been to look at the contribution made by overseas armed forces to British war efforts and nowhere is this more informatively and comprehensively illustrated than at the museum. Pupils had great fun in dressing up in Nepalese clothes and working with artefacts before spending more time in the museum itself which is full of brilliant displays, dioramas and fascinating old pictures. If you are in the area, it’s well worth a visit.

As part of the project, we will be producing a handbook of activities that we have used which will be freely available to all schools and up on our website in due course. Do get in touch if you would like a copy. And hopefully we will be taking this pilot project forward with more schools – if your schools has significant numbers of service children and you think it might be something for you, do give the office a ring.

Clarendon pupils visit the Gurkha museum















Commonwealth club activity - The Frog and the Stranger

Bemerton St Johns

Bulford children explore what it's like to be homeless by building their own shelters

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