Wiltshire Global Education Centre (WGEC)

The Wiltshire Global Education Centre WGEC was established in 1993 and is part of the national network of development education centres across the UK.

We are the educational arm of the Marlborough Brandt Group - a volunteer led charity that supports the community partnership link between Marlborough, Wiltshire and Gunjur, The Gambia. We promote links between primary and secondary schools in Wiltshire with schools in The Gambia and beyond, and provide global education training for schools within a wider global context.

WGEC staff are experts in school linking and use their unique and extensive experience of Gunjur and The Gambia to find school links there. Our experience in Gunjur informs all of our global education work in schools. We believe that our connection with Gunjur, stretching back for over thirty years, puts us in a unique position to engage with a community in change.

We provide a sound knowledge basis for our global educational training courses and in our support for school membership and school links – we also organise regular teacher study visits to Gunjur.

Wiltshire Global Education Centre is an accredited provider for the Global Learning Programme.

Our Vision

Education and action for a fair and sustainable world.

We believe that education for global citizenship should be at the heart of today's curriculum, enabling young people to think critically, respond to the challenges and opportunities of our fast changing world and be prepared for the global context in which they will be working. We encourage young people to make local and global connections in their day to day lives, motivating them to work for change to create a fairer and more sustainable world.