Global Learning Programme

The Global Learning Programme (GLP) is a funded programme of support that is helping teachers in Primary, Secondary and Special schools to deliver effective teaching and learning about development and global issues at Key Stages 2 and 3.

Together with free training, guidance, resources, and funded CPD, the GLP is building a national network of like-minded schools committed to equipping their students to make a positive contribution to a globalised world.


E-credits are a system of funding for schools taking part in the Global Learning Programme GLP. They can be used to pay for continuing professional development (CPD) courses and training run by third party provider like ourselves. The GLP applies to Key Stages 2 and 3 only. All schools taking part in the programme will have access to up to £500 worth of e-credits.

WGEC GLP Courses

The Wiltshire Global Education Centre is an accredited provider of GLP courses. Trainers will be accredited GLP providers, either from WGEC or in the case of more specialist courses, from other Development Education Centres in the South West. All courses can be tailored to suit the needs of your school and the requirements of your staff – we start from where you are. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details and booking.

Wiltshire Expert Centres & Partner Schools

Wiltshire primary, secondary and special schools can register to become either an expert centre or a partner school. For more information and how to apply see GLP website

You can also phone us for local details.

Course Prices

  • Twilight £75/e-credits per person
  • Whole day £125/e-credits per person
  • Half day £90/e-credits per person
  • Global Teachers' Award £160/e-credits per person

School Based INSET Prices

  • Whole day £350
  • Half day £200

Spare e-credits and Cluster Training

Spare e-credits? Use them before you lose them!

  • Why not team up with the other partner schools in your cluster and pool your resources to maximise the benefits of your school's remaining e-credits.
  • CPD can take any form that the cluster and WGEC agree
  • Minimum 5 schools from your cluster
  • Pool your e-credit reserves for £2000+ worth of CPD training
  • Must include all participating schools getting together for some face-to-face training - whole day, half day or twilight
  • Could include follow-up visits to schools, online provision or WGEC membership
  • WGEC can tailor existing courses, or develop something new to meet your cluster's needs

Validated Courses

Embedding Global Learning across the Curriculum – the whole school approachglobe

  • This course will inspire teachers with the vision of global learning and its critical place in education. It will take teachers beyond topic/subject based global learning to looking at different approaches for the classroom which concentrate on the needs of the global learner.
  • By concentrating on a whole school approach, it will deepen knowledge of the key concepts of global education and provide strategies for weaving the global dimension into all areas of school life beyond the taught curriculum.
  • Teachers will be able to identify and be more explicit about the elements of global learning already present in the school curriculum. They will be able to make connections between a wide range of curriculum subjects and the development of the 'global citizen'. Curriculum subjects explored in this course include Geography, RS, Citizenship, PSHE, this course is intended to touch ALL areas of the school curriculum.
  • Half day
  • £200 / e-credits

Introduction to Global Learning

  • This whole school course will introduce key concepts and practices of global learning and initiate a review of teaching and learning. This is all about first steps, looking at where your school is on its global journey and planning the next phase as a school
  • INSET (half day/ whole day), Twilight

Global Learning through partnerships

  • To ensure school partnerships are based on principles and practices which ensure maximum mutual global learning and benefit. Learn how to make your partnership educational, sustainable and equitable
  • Course (half day/one day), INSET (half day/one day)

Global Teachers' Award level 1

  • GTAThis fully certificated course will introduce you to key principles of global education and lead you to become a more accomplished classroom practitioner. The course will cover 'what is education', an introduction to critical thinking, how to evaluate resources, what we understand by British values & classroom practice
  • Accredited Course, full day or 3 twilights

Global Teachers' Award level 2

  • Carrying on from where level 1 leaves off, level 2 gives you continuity and deepens your understanding of global learning. Evaluate your classroom practice, engage with development issues and think about your role within the school as a global teacher. Challenging and stimulating, both on a professional and personal level, this course will equip you for taking a lead role in global learning at your school.
  • Accredited 2 day Course, £125 per day

Making Sense of British Values

  • The Government expects all schools to address the issue of British values – this presents both opportunities and challenges. How can you avoid narrow definitions, give your pupils the chance to develop their own idea of identity and belonging, and think critically about the world? This course aims to answer these questions. Remember that Ofsted will want to see how you are addressing this issue!
  • Twilight

An Introduction to Philosophy to Children

  • This one day course delivered in school will give teachers an insight into what Philosophy for Children is and how they can use it to deepen children’s engagement with the wider world. Teachers will learn all the basic facilitation skills and evaluate lots of stimuli for philosophical enquiry.
  • £500 whole school training
  • This course is not SAPERE validated. Cost of individuals attending an external training day - £150 per person

A Rights based approach to global learning

  • Introduces teachers to the concept of rights as a framework for developing a global approach to the curriculum
  • Course (half day/one day), INSET (half day/one day)

Global learning – a whole school approach

  • To equip schools with the tools to take a whole school approach to the global dimension (using the GSA as a model)
  • Course (half day/one day), INSET (half day/one day)

The global calendar and global learning through dates and weeks

  • Prepares teachers for a global focus week – avoiding elephant traps of stereotyping, such as gondoliering Italians! A whole school approach that uses the global calendar to raise awareness of issues
  • Twilight

Think straight!

  • To introduce, explore and evaluate issues and activities in critical literacy and to promote techniques of critical thinking in children of all ages
  • Course (half day) INSET (half day)

fairtradeFairtrade and Global Justice

  • Beyond the Banana – this course examines the importance of Fairtrade and its impact on global injustice through a whole school approach, as well as giving you lots of great, practical activities and ideas to use in the classroom
  • Twilight, Course (half day), INSET (half day)

From Apathy to Action - Key Stage 3

  • How to move young people off their smart phones and out into the community in a meaningful way
  • Twilight

SMSC and the Global Dimension

  • We firmly believe that through global learning, your school can deliver the SMSC which will move your school from good to outstanding
  • Course (half day/one day), INSET (half day/one day)

Perspectives on development

  • Using Gambia as a case study, this course will enable teachers to introduce ideas of development in a non threatening way which reflect the complexities and interdependence of the modern world. The course will challenge stereotypes and stimulate critical thinking for teachers and learners
  • Course (half day), INSET (half day)

resourcesResources for Courses!

  • A hands on practical session working with a range of resources, including websites, artefacts, photos and books. It will help and encourage you to explore the global dimension in school at both primary and secondary level. It will also stimulate teachers to examine their approach to global classroom practice without spending a fortune.
  • Twilight

Food and food poverty

  • To introduce and develop activities which put food issues at the heart of the development agenda
  • Twilight, Course (half day)

Tailored curriculum based courses – Science, MFL, English etc and the global dimension

  • We believe that the global dimension should be at the heart of the secondary curriculum. These courses will be tailored to your specific needs
  • Course (half day), INSET (half day)

sustainable development goalsGoing for Goals - 2016 onwards

  • Teachers quickly realised that the Millennium Development Goals were a fantastic focus for learning about global issues at KS2 and above. Find out how you can work with the new Sustainable Development Goals and bring them into your global classroom.
  • Twilight, Course (half day) including assembly

Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details.