In 1982 MBG established a link with the Muslim fishing community of Gunjur in The Gambia, West Africa, and since then there has been a steady flow of approximately 1500 people between Marlborough and Gunjur.

MBG is one of the very few organisations that places its students and volunteers with host families and we believe that it is this unique experience that is fundamental to gaining a deeper understanding of our different cultures and communities.

MBG Supports Links

Anita Bew has been coordinating link exchanges between the UK and The Gambia for over 15 years and has developed some very strong relationships with a wide range of people in the Gunjur community. Years of experience and a strong and dedicated team both here in the UK and in The Gambia will ensure that your placement in Gunjur will be a lifetime experience that will continue to benefit your personal and professional development.

MBG works closely with NGO TARUD (Trust Agency for Rural Development) which manages a number of development projects in Gunjur including pre-school education, health education, water and sanitation, women's literacy, micro-credit, malaria eradication and women's livelihoods. Voluntary work placements or community projects will either be overseen by TARUD or the Gunjur Community Link (GCL) depending on what project or you decide to do.

The Gunjur Community Link (GCL) is responsible for the overall hosting of students and volunteers during their stay in the village and The Embassy and the Ambassador in Banjul are fully aware of our project and give us their full support.