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The Marlborough Brandt Group (MBG) is one of the oldest community links in the world.  Set up in 1981, we connect the people of Marlborough and the surrounding area with the people of Gunjur ...

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Support us now as a friend Joining MBG as a friend couldn't be easier. Use the drop down to select which level of payment you would like to make, then click on the 'Become a Friend' button, which ...

Experience the REAL Gambia

WGEC runs an annual teachers' study visits to Gunjur, The Gambia and literally hundreds of teachers from Wiltshire and beyond have benefitted personally and professionally from the experience of ...


Vision: To support TARUD to alleviate poverty and hardship faced by the community of Gunjur In 1990 MBG started several development projects in Gunjur and the surrounding area based around health ...

Setting up School Links

Linking schools in Wiltshire (and beyond) with schools in the Gambia is at the heart of what we do at WGEC. For any school that has been involved at any level with school linking, whether with a ...

Small Business Development

In common with many international development agencies the focus of MBG and TARUD's work in Gunjur has focussed on women's development. We have been involved in a women's literacy and numeracy ...

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Covid-19 response - MBG response

In addition to the over £10,000 of match funding MBG has given from the donations, we have also looked to distribute funds to support both on the ground responses to the Covid-19 pandemic and also to help secure the stability and futures of our partner charities working in the Gunjur area, many of whom come from the 39 year Marlborough-Gunjur link.   

Disability Africa
£10,000 donated to Disability Africa to support their core costs.  We are delighted to say that St. James's Place Charitable Foundation and Bilal Patel of Think Wealth Limited have both also donated £10,000 to specifically support the work of Disability Afirca in Gunjur, securing the future of the fantasic disability centre there.  £30,000 in all. 

Gunjur Project
£1,000 in support of the amazing work being doing by everyone at the Gunjur Project Association and lodge.  They have raised over £10,000 and a re focusing their efforts on the Kajabang area of Gunjur made up of around 175 compounds, 2,000 people.  Find out more about their Covid-19 repsonse here.  https://www.facebook.com/GunjurProject/

Gunjur Development Association
£1,000 to support of teh GDA to distribute food around Gunjur.  There is a more detailed update on the MBG homepage and Gunjur Online News.

Other partners
We have also brought forward our 2020 payments to our charity partners regarless of the time frames that their work would usually be planned for including £2,500 for Thriving Through Venture and £3,500 for Project Gambia.