In 1982 MBG established a link with the Muslim fishing community of Gunjur in The Gambia, West Africa. Gunjur is a large sprawling town with a population of around 25,000 inhabitants situated 2km from the coast and 25km from Serrekunda, one of the largest towns in the region.

There are eight kabilos or wards in Gunjur largely made up of different extended family groups, the Tourays, the Darbos, the Bojangs etc. They are structured with both head men and women of each kabilo who represent that kabilo at Elder's and Women's meetings.

It is the largest fishing community in The Gambia, mostly fished by Senegalese fisherman, many of whom reside in Gunjur. In the centre of Gunjur are the market and the mosque. A ‘bush taxi’ station is found on the outskirts of the village, only a short walk from the centre. Taxis are cheap and crowded, they will take you to the beach in 10 minutes or Serrekunda in less than an hour.

95% of the population of The Gambia is Muslim and Gunjur is an important Islamic centre. The fishing industry at the beach, local vegetable gardens and rice, groundnut, cassava and maize fields provide the principal employment for people living in Gunjur. There are shops and two minimarkets where most basic commodities are available. Electricity arrived in Gunjur for the first time in 2013 and piped water will arrive in early 2014. There are very few vehicles in the centre of the village.

The rainy season is hot and humid and normally lasts from June to October when it returns to a dry and less hot climate during the months of November through to May.

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