Our Strategy

MBG promotes international understanding and education through linking and working with people in Marlborough UK and Gunjur, The Gambia and their wider communities:

  • We strive to treat all people equally and with mutual respect.
  • We seek to ensure that the people of the two communities will benefit each other.
  • We encourage behaviour that leads to sustainability.

MBG seeks the following outcomes:

  • A raising of global awareness, our global interdependence and the development of more active global citizens amongst the diverse population of Marlborough and more widely in Wiltshire and Swindon.
  • A link with Gunjur which contributes to the personal, professional and community development of people at both ends.
  • A community in Gunjur in which people are less constrained by poor education and health, lack of access to basic commodities and have access to better educational and health facilities and more opportunities for wealth creation and ultimately greater control over their lives.


Raising the profile and building the membership

  • A new interactive website will be developed as an accessible source of up to date information about the work of MBG to newcomers and members.
  • A monthly enewsletter linked to the website will be produced for members.
  • Opportunities will be found to publicise the work of MBG more widely using traditional media, radio, websites (Marlborough News Online), Wiltshire Gazette and Herald and social media, facebook, twitter.
  • Publicising the work of MBG will be central to all fundraising activities.
  • A series of meetings will be held with representatives of the different communities within the community of Marlborough e.g. the Churches, Rotarians, Gardening Club, Youth Club, Town Council members etc to promote the work of MBG.
  • Invitations will be issued to key members of the Marlborough community to visit Gunjur to understand at first hand the work of MBG and partners in The Gambia.
  • We will respond to invitations to present our work at lectures, workshops etc.


  • We will engage with local, national and international politicians to continue to give them an understanding of the role of the Marlborough Gunjur link in contributing to development priorities and global education. In particular we will encourage politicians to visit Gunjur to get first-hand experience of the role that community links can play in the development process and the contribution they can make to the MDGs.
  • Prior to national and European elections we will continue to invite candidates from the different political parties to a 'Question Time' debate on international development and Britain/Europe's role.


Development in Gunjur

  • We will continue to support a development programme in Gunjur and more widely in The Gambia by collaborating with and supporting TARUD through the provision of human and financial resources and through advice and guidance and through the introduction of TARUD to other agencies working in the development field. This will take place within an agreed strategy between MBG and TARUD and during the period of this MBG strategy, regular face to face meetings will take place with TARUD to achieve this.

Link Exchange

  • Continue the exchange of people both young and old between the communities of Marlborough and Gunjur recognising the life changing opportunity that this provides.
  • Work, when opportunities arise, with the Gambian community in UK, particularly the Kombo Sillah Association in Bristol to support MBG's diverse programme.


  • Support the work of WGEC by providing access to the many educational opportunities that the link with Gunjur provides and generally supporting WGEC's strategic objective of providing high quality global education provision in Wiltshire and Swindon.
  • Target IB students from St John's School and Marlborough College and provide opportunities for them to visit Gunjur within the context of two aspects of the IB syllabus, CAS (Creativity, Action and Service) and the extended essay.
  • Employ WGEC and returned volunteers to provide the educational support that is vital for those people travelling to Gunjur from Marlborough so that they better understand the wider context of the learning they have received from a local experience.
  • Work with WGEC in employing visitors from Gunjur and The Gambia as a resource in bringing a global dimension into the classrooms of Wiltshire and Swindon schools.
  • Run a series of lectures by specialists in the field of international development with one key annual Marlborough Brandt Lecture by a prominent person in this field.


  • Attend meetings and collaborate with other linking organisations under the umbrella of UKOWLA.