What we do

What We Do

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  • We exchange people between the communities of Marlborough and Gunjur, including students, adults and proffesionals.
  • In collaboration with TARUD, MBG supports development and sustainability programmes in Gunjur and more widely in The Gambia by contributing financial and human resources

  • For over 30 years MBG has held a public annual lecture in Marlborough with guest keynote speakers prominent in the field of international development

  • MBG helps to facilitate and fund opportunities for other specialist organisations to be involved in development programmes in The Gambia e.g. Project Gambia, Disability Africa

  • We encourage the engagement of politicians in international development through bringing candidates for UK and European elections to meetings prior to the elections to discuss their attitudes to international development. In 2013 local MP Claire Perry stayed in Gunjur for one week witnessing the impact of a long established link at first hand.

  • We collaborate with the Gambian community in Bristol to support and validate our work, contributing to a more cohesive society and regularly networking with the Kombo Sillah Association

  • As members of UKOWLA we contribute to the national debate about the importance of linking communities across the world