Research Paper - MBG & TARUD Partnership

We were approached at the end of last year by Justin Walker who is studying international development at the Open University to ask if he could study the partnership between Marlborough and Gunjur as the research that he has to undertake. Justin was a VSO volunteer in The Gambia (2007-8) attached as an adviser to the Ministry of Education. He went on to be a secondary school Headmaster for three years in a school in Santiago Chile. He has already spent time in Marlborough interviewing a number of people associated with MBG and has recently returned from three weeks in The Gambia talking to a wide range of people there.

He will be returning to Gunjur in April when Anna Quarendon, Dr Barney Rosedale, Rev Janneke Blokland ( the Curate in Marlborough) , Alice Duffy, a young student at Oxford University and Nick Maurice will be in Gunjur. This will be the opportunity for Justin to present his findings and his recommendations for the future to people in Gunjur as well as the party from Marlborough.

It is one of the huge advantages of our relationship with Gunjur which after 30 years has been based on experience and trust, that we are able to ask our partners if students from UK can do pieces of research in Gunjur and they have always said "yes!" and have very generously supported that research. Do have a look at the research section on our website which records the ever increasing pieces of research that have been done including research by the Department for International Development some years ago on the impact of the link on attitudes to and support for development in Marlborough.
We are fundamentally in the business of supporting the personal and professional development of young people at both ends of the link. Alice Duffy, mentioned above is hoping to take up a career in "international development" and we are able to provide her with an experience which will give her a grounding in understanding what can meant by ID.

We hope Justin will report his findings and recommendations at our AGM to be held on Wednesday 1 July at which we hope to have Gambian partners present and hope as many members of MBG will be present as possible to hear a dispassionate view of this extraordinary partnership which you have been supporting for so many years. We are extremely lucky to have someone of Justin's calibre to do this work for us.