Business Loan Scheme - Sulayman Manjang - Profile

2014, local entrepreneurs and business owners were invited to apply for loans through the MBG / TARUD business scheme. Buba Touray and Fabakary Jammeh manage the project in Gunjur, and are responsible for processing each application.

Sulayman is a very enthusiastic beekeeper in Gunjur, he is married and lives with his wife in his family compound Saho Kunda.

Sulayman has been a beekeeper in Gunjur for four years with many hives. If he is successful he would like to improve his marketing by completing his building so he can use it as an information centre and shop on site, this will enable him to sell his honey and wax products such as candles, soaps and creams, he would like to be able to inform others on the methods of keeping bees especially young people. At the present time he is renting a shop in the village to sell his products. Sulayman is a very knowledgeable in the art of beekeeping and has worked very hard on his own to develop his business 'Jalisut'.

February 2015

11 young entrepreneurs have been selected to receive a loan of not more than £250 to be paid back within three years and backed by a guarantor who has agreed to honour the loan if the business should not succeed.

Sulayman is one of the successful applicants



August 2015

Jalisut beekeepers are still busy profitably selling their honey, beeswax soap and candles from their store in Gunjur.

honey shop

 December 2015

Sulayman continues to expand his bee keeping business and shop. The shop is now open every day, and is being run by his sister. Honey and dried maringa are the top sellers. Sulayman has identified labelling and marketing as an issue, and Sulyaman is working with a local contact to design and produce uniform labels.

Sulayman now keeps bees on 3 sites, the main site in Gunjur, Medina Salam and Cassamas. He is currently building a hostel at the Gunjur site with 2 rooms available to let for visitors.