GTTI students pass with flying colours

Congratulations to the group of eight students who have all passed their first year finals at the Gambia Technical Training Institute in Serrekunda. These are the first wave of students to benefit from the Business Entrepreneur Scheme launched in 2014.

Buba Touray, the business programme manager reports:

"We have finally confirmed from the Authority at Gambia Technical Training Institute that all our eight continuing sponsored Students, have successfully passed their final examination with a flying colours. As results all of them have now been promoted to the advance levels. Following receiving their final examination results and their official invoices for the new academics year, I am totally impressed with their level of performance and also their punctuality and regularity is very encouraging. In conclusion, I think they should be commended for their hard work, commitment and dedication for producing an excellence results, and also the credit goes to MBG for supporting these students with full tuition fees and the travel allowances, which of course is making a huge different in their lives."

September 2015