2018 Science Group

St. John’s Students travel to Gunjur on science trip with Raise Gambia.

A second group of St. John’s students and staff visited Gunjur in the Autumn half term staying at Halahin lodge.

The trip, organised by Steve Atyeo, with £1,500 support funding from MBG, saw 16 upper sixth form students work with local students on practical science lessons and experiments.

Raise Gambia supports a science lab and classroom in Sifoe (the next village to Gunjur) and in pairs then worked with five local students to deliver biology, chemistry and Physics experiments.  

The trip offers a very different kind of cultural visit to our traditional summer trip and building led trips.  This enables a wider range of young people to participate in these life changing experiences.

Based on the success of the trip Steve has secured it for a third year and is talking to a second interested school.

Find out more at www.raisegambia.co.uk