Lent Lecture 2016 - Harriet Lamb

Lecture: "To Bomb or Not to Bomb?" : That is the Wrong Question!

Thursday 10 March 2016, 8pm
Marlborough Town Hall
Admission free with a retiring collection

Harriet Lamb explains how we can and must build the economic underpinnings of peace.....

Thank you to everyone who attended this year's Lent Lecture. Harriet gave a timely and thought provoking delivery on the role of grassroots efforts as an essential part of peace process. Read journalist Jim Fletcher's article in Marlborough News Online Working on the road to peace with "The long slow walk of the snail".

Harriet Lamb was born in England, lived in India as a child and then grew up and was educated in the UK, taking a first degree in political science at Cambridge University and an MPhil at the Sussex Institute of Development Studies. She was Director of the Fairtrade Foundation in the UK until moving to Bonn, Germany to become Director of Fairtrade International.

In 2008, sales of Fairtrade products topped £700 million, with over 4,500 Fairtrade products available from cotton to coffee, face-cream to ice-cream. Harriet Lamb has appeared on Any Questions and is the author of "the Banana Wars and other Fair Trade battles".

In September 2015 she was appointed Director of International Alert which works globally for peace.

harriet lamb

"We help people find peaceful solutions to conflict."

We empower local people to build peace by providing them with training, advice and support. We bring together communities divided by conflict to find ways of resolving their differences without violence. And we advise companies, governments and international organisations on how their policies and operations can better support peace.

Read Harriet Lamb's article in The Huffington Post December 2015 From Fair Trade to Building Peace: Falling in Love Again at 54.

The 2015 Marlborough Brandt Lent Lecture was given by Baroness Cox, Founder and CEO of HART (Humanitarian Aid Relief Trust) 

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