Lloyds Bank


iIn 2009 MBG developed a close relationship with Duke of Edinburgh Award and the Lloyds Bank Volunteering Scheme.

A total now of 12 groups of Lloyds employees have each spent a week in Gunjur. Before going they fundraise for their trip and to support a construction project that they will be involved in while in Gunjur. Each member of the group lives with a different family and experiences the warmth, generosity and hospitality that the people of Gunjur afford to all visitors. The groups have been involved in cosntructing two small buildings which house two diesel powered milling machines for rice and millet which obviate the need for women to pound their rice and millet by hand over hours using a mortar and pestle.

The 2013 group built a concrete posted fence surrounding a 12 acre women's vegetable garden to prevent marauding cattle from destroying and eating their vegetables. This replaced a fence built from traditional materials by students from Marlborough College and St John's School in 1999 which was becoming rather patchy after 14 years!

The Lloyds trips remains a successful MBG activity which delivers valued projects focused on supporting the women of Gunjur, has a significant educational and world view changing impact on young people who will be future senior bank managers and delivers useful funds to both Gunjur and MBG.

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