Pre-school education

preschool-child-paintingSince 2004 TARUD pre-school provides an invaluable education for 300 pre-school (3-7 year old) children annually and gives them a basic education prior to moving on to primary school. The TARUD pre-school has six classrooms (originally built by students from Marlborough), toilets, hall, playground and flourishing garden that provides extra food for the children. A water pump provides water from a well to three taps making access easy.Thanks to help from the wonderful Dutch Happy Gunjur Foundation a meal is provided at lunchtime.

TARUD and three other pre-schools have formed the Gunjur Pre-School Group. Together they have created the first curriculum written by teachers for pre-school children (and it is amazing!). 300 activity plans have now been added to aid daily planning and over the next five years the group of schools will firmly embed the curriculum into their daily practice.

The curriculum has now been viewed by both Gambia College and the Regional Education Department who wish to use it for teacher training and for wider use across The Gambia. Recent funding from the Allen & Nesta Foundation means we can now enrol 22 paid and voluntary teachers from the pre-school cluster onto an early development course ECD provided by Gambia College. What an accolade for the teachers of Gunjur!


We have decided to raise teachers' salaries a little as they have not had a pay rise in almost 8 years.  All of this is a huge challenge for fundraising, but we are determined to make it happen – if think you can help in anyway or would like some more information please contact Neil Griffiths at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..