Water & sanitation

water-sanitationMBG and TARUD have over the years have been involved in a major water and sanitation program. This has involved covering open wells and including hand pumps for those wells which has prevented children from drowning and provided for the first time access to clean water.

Funding from Medicor and The Waterloo Foundation has enabled TARUD to train artisans to construct concrete lined pit latrines.

pit latrine2014 has seen the successful completion of the pit latrine project funded by the Waterloo Foundation. Despite the challenge of continual price increases, the project team were able to deliver 152 latrines including 4 communal latrines located in the central market.

The project activity focused on Gunjur and the surrounding areas of Mesira, Kulkoch & Kajabang. The project evaluation estimated that 1700 people will directly benefit from this latest programme.

The arrival of piped water in Gunjur in 2014 has made an enormous difference in terms of both health and time, given that women will no longer have the time consuming task of drawing water from wells.