Women's Livelihoods

womens-gardenThere is no question that women are at the forefront of development and Gunjur is no exception. Since 1986 when a group from St John's Academy and Marlborough College fenced a ten acre site which was to become a thriving vegetable garden for women and an orchard of 250 mango trees women's livelihoods has been central to TARUD and MBG's development programme.

As the mango trees grew and cast more shade it became apparent that another vegetable garden would have to be provided and in 1999 another group of young people from the two schools built a fence around a 12 acre site which is the hub of much income generating activity for women. The provision of a covered market place in the centre of Gunjur by students from Marlborough in 2012 opened by Claire Perry MP has meant that women can sell their produce, protected from sun and rain.

But skills training has also been important and TARUD with MBG's support have been providing that training in skills such as hairdressing, tie-dyeing and soap making and more recently the development of neem cream from the leaves of the neem tree, which acts a powerful insect repellent.