It is fair to say that in the world of linking communities between those in UK and in the Global South (Africa, Asia, Latin America and Caribbean) insufficient research has been done on impact. MBG is no exception although we are delighted that some of our younger members have used the opportunity that the link between Gunjur and Marlborough provides to do some research which has furthered their careers. This research has either been done on a micro level e.g. looking at the impact of our malaria intervention programme or the more macro level considering the general impact that the link is perceived to have had on the community of Gunjur as a result of the 32 year relationship between the two communities.

In addition in 2007 the Department for International Development conducted research in Marlborough looking at the impact that the link had had on attitudes to international development. As a result of discovering the positive impact compared to research in to attitudes in five other similar communities, DFID put £5m into a scheme support other communities in developing partnerships with communities in the South.

All research is done to ethical standards discussed both with the academic institution for which the research is being done, but, more importantly, with key people in the community of Gunjur and appropriate permission is sought before the research is undertaken.