Development & social relations

Rosie Carter has spent time in Gunjur as a volunteer and led the 2012 summer student group visit. Rosie spent 2 months in Gunjur in 2014 as part of her degree related research project, she graduated this year from Sussex University with first class honours.

Outline of research brief by Rosie Carter

From late December, I will be spending a month in Gunjur, conducting two sets of research as part of my degree in Anthropology and International Development at Sussex University. This will be written up into two theses, which will both have a focus on the transnational relations that the link has bought about. One will focus on the transnational imagination of young men in Gunjur. It is well known that there are very high rates of unemployment in the Gambia, and often migration is seen as a way out from a lack of opportunity. I want to understand more about the perceptions of transnationalism in young men in Gunjur, how they appropriate opportunities of travel and international connection through the migration flows that occur in Gunjur. In this, I will carry ideas of mobility through immobility and contextualise the difficulty of the social, political and cultural environment for young men in the Gambia. The other will focus on how development work intersects with the transnational opportunities the link, and the work of TARUD, have created. I aim to understand more about the social climate of Gunjur and how these opportunities have affected this.

Read Rosie's intial reflections on what has now been her third trip out to The Gambia Reflections on Gunjur.

Rosie's research findings will be published here on completion.